How to Optimize Space in Your Grand Cherokee

November 29th, 2018 by

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has always offered exceptional off-roading capabilities coupled with functional features that make it feel just as much at home on the daily commute as it is out on the trail. Naturally, this means that it’s seen its fair share of road trips. If you’re planning to take your Grand Cherokee on an extended vacation, you may be wondering how you can optimize space in your vehicle to ensure every item you need can make the trip.

Convertible Space

Although the 2016 Jeep Cherokee offers a modest 25 cubic feet of cargo space, how it utilizes that space is where the Cherokee truly excels. When the rear seat is folded down, the cargo area opens up to an ample 68.3 cubic feet of storage.

This is more than enough for those big grocery hauls, vacations, or outdoor excursions. The cargo area even features strips that help you slide larger items across the cargo floor and into position, while an integrated scuff pad prevents bumper scraping.

Since the back seat is of the 60/40-split folding variety, you can even have a back-seat passenger resting comfortably while the rest of the seat is stowed away to accommodate more items. Whether you’re going on a kayaking trip with a couple of friends or you and your spouse are taking the kiddos on a family friendly getaway, you never have to compromise passenger seating for increased cargo room.

Pack Smartly for More Room

Although the Cherokee provides you with plenty of passenger and cargo capacity, how you pack your gear into the cargo hold before a vacation determines whether there’s enough space. The most important thing is to start with an empty vehicle, so remove any emergency kits or shopping bags you may have forgotten about and start with a clean canvas.

Large, bulky items should go in first, followed by heavy items. Luggage should also be grouped based on size, shape, weight, and fragility. Place heavier suitcases on the bottom and more fragile bags on top, but consider which bags you need when you stop at a hotel. Packing overnight items in a lightweight duffle bag and placing that bag on top of heavier luggage will ensure you have easy access to it when you stop.

Once you have the bulk of your items packed in the cargo area, including both heavy and lightweight bags, fill in the gaps with pillows, blankets, jackets, small bags, and other soft items. If you’re traveling with wrapped gifts or gift bags, you may want to cover these items with a blanket so as not to attract any would-be thieves. With the Grand Cherokee’s split rear seat, you can also stow duffel bags and other items on the floor beneath the folded seat portion, which is great if you’d prefer to keep certain items out of sight.

Prioritize Items/h3>
Everyone’s road trip essentials will vary, but it’s a good idea to pack a small bag or tote for each individual in order to keep it handy during the trip. Store front-seat passenger bags in the main console or within easy reach in the rear floorboard, and keep back-seat passenger essentials in the seat sleeve directly in front of them. The front-seat passenger should have plenty of space to stow an essentials bag in the front floorboard.

In addition, there are a few essential items that the entire family will find useful, and these should be stored in the Grand Cherokee’s main console. Items such as Kleenex, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, napkins, extra straws, electronic chargers, and a first aid kit would be considered essential for every road trip.

Pack a Food Bin

Food and drinks are a must on any road trip, whether you’re driving for two hours or 20. A small box or cloth zip-up bag is great for storing snacks, pre-packed lunches, and other goodies. If a cooler is more convenient, be sure to pack it in the trunk last so you can have easy access to it when you stop at a rest area. Alternatively, if you’re a couple traveling alone or with just one back-seat passenger, the Grand Cherokee’s 60/40-split-folding seat makes it easy to keep a cooler or food bin within arm’s reach. This also makes it much easier to replenish supplies.

Have a Trash Solution

Clutter can quickly become a problem during a road trip. Having a dedicated car trash can is a great solution. This can be something as handy as a fabric sleeve that loops around the front passenger’s seatbelt latch, or it could be something as simple as a recycled plastic grocery bag you keep tucked away in the glove compartment.

Thanks to your Cherokee’s versatile seating and cargo arrangements, you can pack for that family vacation with less hassle.

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