Guide to Replacement Truck Wheels for Your RAM

September 17th, 2015 by

Most of our customers drive Ram trucks through some of the most rugged conditions found in the Volunteer State. Because of undulating and steep rising terrain, the wheels on a Ram truck receive heavy punishment, especially during inclement weather. The old saying that death and taxes are the only two certainties in life needs amending to include replacing the wheels on a Ram truck. Other factors that prompt owners to replace wheels include age and corrosion, which often times results from prolonged exposure to humid conditions.

Start with Measuring Wheel Dimensions

Nothing matters more for replacing the wheels on your Ram truck that ensuring you find the right size for your wheels. Here’s the breakdown on wheel dimensions:

Wheel Offset

The wheel offset measures from the rim centerline to the wheel-mounting surface located where the wheel bolts to the hub. Wheel offset determines the distance between the tires on each axle. The key involves replacing the wheels that match or come very close to matching the original wheel offset measurements.

Wheel Width

Improper wheel width causes tires to press against the body of your Ram truck. Wheel width represents the distance between the inside of the wheel flanges that you must round to the closest one-half inch measurement. Rounding to the closest one-half measurement proves the importance of making an accurate wheel width measurement. Every tire purchased for your truck contains minimum and maximum width limits to ensure seamless revolutions over the open road.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter measures the distance between beat seats that sit directly across the diameter of a truck wheel. The measurement of wheel diameter must exactly match the tire rim diameter. The wheel diameter measurement is stamped on the wheel to ensure that you accurately match the wheel diameter to the tire diameter.

Steel Versus Cast Iron

The two primary wheel material options-steel and cast iron-offer different benefits that match different types of driving conditions. Hauling timber out of the Great Smoky Mountains? Consider steel wheels. Using your truck mostly to commute? Consider cast iron.

Steel Wheels

Heavy-duty steel wheels provide you with enhanced durability and consistent performance. The tough material performs admirably over rugged terrain and it can withstand intense punishment for extended periods. Affordable heavy-duty steel wheels offer independent contractors a cost-effective way to haul heavy loads over long distances.

Cast Iron

Low-pressure iron casting creates a highly flexible metal that performs well for repetitive driving, such as commutes to and from downtown Nashville. Cast iron prevents corrosion caused by leaving a truck parked outside in moist climates. However, cast iron does not perform well over rugged terrain. The malleable material makes the perfect wheel material for speed-tuned vehicles. Cast iron wheels can take a large chunk out of the family budget, depending on wheel size, style, and brand.

Replacing the wheels on your Ram truck requires patience and precision. This is why we recommend that you allow our team of certified technicians to help. Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Columbia customers can find us conveniently located less than 10 miles west of Interstate 65, about a half hour drive from the Nashville, Tennessee city limit.

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