Dodge Challenger vs Dodge Charger

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This year Dodge is celebrating their one hundredth birthday, and as might be expected they are doing it in style. What better way to show the world Dodge is still a force to be reckoned with than by releasing anniversary editions of both of the company’s hottest selling muscle cars, the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT and the 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT. For the average buyer in Columbia, Nashville, and Spring Hill, TN, both of these cars evoke strong memories of yesteryear when they dominated the muscle car scene.

Today they both still manage to offer a robust high performance look and feel that has been refined to meet the tastes of the average driver in and around the Columbia, Nashville, and Spring Hill areas. While the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT continues to be a four door model, it is no slouch out on the open road. On the other hand the 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT comes as a two door retro styled coupe with a lot to offer.

When it comes to performance, the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT comes equipped standard with a 3.6 liter V6 pumping out 292 horsepower and 260 ft-lb of torque. This is plenty of power to take on the streets of Nashville or head out on the highway for a long drive in the country. For those who want the most bang for their buck, pairing this engine with the available 8 speed automatic and paddle shifters offers snappy performance and the best fuel economy. Other options include the R/T model with a 5.7 L V8 (370 hp/395 ft-lb torque) and the SRT8 with its 6.4 L V8 (470 hp/470 ft-lb of torque).

True to form the 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT has retained much of what made this car famous in the late 60s and early 70s. Like the Charger, the base model is no slouch with a 3.6 liter V6 that delivers a healthy 305 horsepower and turns out 268 ft-lb of torque. When coupled to the standard 5 speed automatic, you can still lay down a little rubber on the streets of Columbia and get a respectable 18 city/ 27 highway mpg. Of course if this is not enough power and you want to let everyone in Spring Hill, TN hear you coming, the R/T comes with a 5.7 liter V8 “Hemi” that hits 376 horsepower and 410 ft-lb of torque, or the SRT8 with its 6.4 liter powerhouse churning out 470 hp and 470 ft-lb of torque.

Interior – The 2014 Dodge Charger or Dodge Challenger?

How many times have you heard the phrase “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”? When it comes to both the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT and the 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT we guarantee you will be delighted.

The Charger SXT offers an luxurious interior replete with heated front seats and steering wheel, perfect for those cold Nashville winter days and an 8 way power driver. Among the stock options are an 8.4 inch screen infotainment system with Bluetooth and phone connectivity. Upgrades include Beats® audio, LED interior lighting, an eight way power adjustable front passenger seat, heated rear seats, and leather upholstery. You can also choose the Garmin navigation system to help find your way around Spring Hill and a rear view camera for added safety.

Not to be outdone, the 2014 Challenger SXT comes with a tastefully appointed interior that features a leather wrapped steering wheel, automatic climate control, and a 6 way power adjustable driver’s seat. You also get a CD player with six speakers and an audio jack. Among the many options available for the SXT model are metal accentuated pedals, a seven speaker sound system, and upgraded floor mats. You can also add a 6.5 inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system. Despite being available as a two door model, there is plenty of room in the back seat for two adults.

The Charger and Challenger are Equipped With Many Safety Features
For decades Dodge has led the way when it comes to safety, from family friendly vehicles like the Caravan to top performers such as the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT and 2014 Dodge Challenger SXT. Both of these cars feature front driver and passenger airbags, side curtain airbags, and active front head restraints. The Charger also offers front knee air bags for added safety. Among the many available optional safety features are a blind spot warning system, rear view camera, forward collision warning system, and rear cross-traffic warning system.

National Traffic Highway Safety Administration testing the Charger scored a full five stars for overall crash safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the 2014 Dodge Charger SXT it top rating of “Good.” At the same time the Challenger also received five stars for overall safety performance from the NTHSA and “Good” from the IIHS, making both models among the safest in the Columbia, Nashville, and Spring Hill, TN area.

Which One Do I Choose – The Charger or the Challenger?
The Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger are both great muscle cars. The only way to truly decide between them is to test drive them yourself. We imvite you to our Dodge dealership located in Columbia, Tennessee near Spring Hill and Nashville, to test drive each of these cars.

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