Chrysler 200 Recalled for Stalling

November 29th, 2018 by

While some might view recalls as an inconvenience, they’re actually an opportunity to have different issues with your car repaired for free, helping to avoid problems months or years later. That’s why knowing that almost 80,000 Chrysler 200s are the subject of a new recall is important. This is a voluntary action on the part of Fiat Chrysler, meaning the automaker is being proactive and not recalling the sedans simply because the government has told it to.

The big focus of this recall is the 2015 model year. Drivers could experience the sedan suddenly stall or even shift into neutral without warning, something that possibly could trigger an accident at worst, or be a major annoyance at best.

As of right now, Fiat Chrysler says that no actual accidents or injuries have resulted from the fault, which is great news, but owners still need to take it seriously and take care of it. Fortunately there’s a fix for the problem, and Columbia Chrysler’s service department is ready to take care of it.

Our service technicians have been thoroughly trained on the 2015 200 sedan, meaning they know the car inside and out. They’ve also gone through the recall situation, so they can apply the fix quickly and correctly the first time, getting you back on the road and enjoying life like nothing happened.

Not all Chrysler 200 sedans are even affected by this recall. Chrysler will be contacting owners of cars that are. If and when that happens, you’re free to contact us to set up an appointment to bring in the vehicle and have everything taken care of.

After conducting a thorough investigation, Fiat Chrysler uncovered that the exact root of the problem has to do with some electrical connections. Unfortunately, some were damaged by a supplier in the post-production process, and that fact was uncovered after the cars were sold to customers. It’s possible that a warning light could come on the dashboard if the connections come loose, which would act as a warning to the driver.

Fortunately, this problem does not in any way affect the car’s airbags. They should still deploy in a collision no matter what, meaning they will be there to keep the driver and passengers safe.

We hope this post clears up any questions you have about the situation. While you’re always welcome to call or stop in with any concerns you have, Fiat Chrysler has also asked that anyone who’s seeking clarification call the US Customer Care Center at 1-800-853-1403.

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