5 Essential Accessories For New Jeep Owners

September 18th, 2015 by

Looking for accessories for your new Jeep? Get on the road and then off of it with these Jeep lover essentials.

Tow Ropes

New Jeep owners that take the rugged vehicle deep into the backcountry can expect to come up on objects that at the very least, require a short tow to clear up the not so beaten path. You might also find a vehicle in need of rescue from the muck the hides beneath the driving surface. The 2015 Jeep Wrangler has the capability of towing loads that weigh between 2,000 and 3,500 pounds. To optimize the towing capacity of a new jeep, owners should consider purchasing tow ropes, which do not weight much and easily store in one of the Jeep bed compartments. We recommend Kinetic Recovery Straps that include elastic material that stretches, but never breaks during rescue operations. The strong kinetic energy created by the elastic materials bolsters the strength of a tow rope.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher for a new Jeep is much more than an accessory; we consider it a necessity. Whether the engine block catches fire or something ignites in the bed of your new Jeep, you need a fire extinguisher to minimize the damage. We interact with Jeep owners that believe that just because they just bought a new Jeep, they should not have to worry about flames bursting from within or on the high performance vehicle. Yet, Murphy’s Law dictates that you might experience an electrical fire under the hood or a fuel leak igniting that places you and your family in harm’s way. Since new Jeep owners tend to enjoy the powerful vehicle in rural areas, an out of control campfire requires the use of a fire extinguisher.


Before you hitch the tow ropes to extricate another vehicle from the muck, you need to dig around the stuck vehicle to produce areas where the vehicle gains traction. Just as chocolate and peanut butter have become inseparable, so have a new Jeep and a sturdy shovel that possesses a long handle that folds military style, especially if you take the over the road vehicle out often on camping trips. Jeep owners should consider buying a survival kit that includes a shovel and trail axe for handling emergencies.


A new Jeep represents the consummate vehicle to get away from it all. You sit out in the fresh air far away from the hustle and bustle of the Nashville city life, yet you typically sit out in the midst of darkness. A new Jeep makes an excellent source of light to help you find the way around the campground, but extra lights provide even more benefits during sojourns on pitch black backcountry roads, where wildlife lurks around every corner. Our Nashville, Tennessee Jeep dealership offers brands such as KC and HELLA.

Recovery Bumper

New Jeep owners must understand the importance of changing bumpers to handle a wide variety of towing jobs. The front bumper on a new Jeep provides several uses, most notably attaching to a winch for towing jobs performed on steep inclines and during inclement weather that saturates the soil. Our authentic Jeep parts department carries bumpers that specialize in attaching to winches, D-clamps, and numerous types of new Jeep lighting.

Visit Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Columbia to find the best deals on new Jeep accessories. We are conveniently located five miles west of Interstate 65, less than a 30 minute drive south of downtown Nashville, TN. On, and do not forget to stock your new jeep with perhaps the most important accessory of all: a first aid kit.

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