10 Reasons to Buy a RAM Truck

July 20th, 2015 by

David Letterman has established the standard for creating top 10 lists, albeit with a more tongue in cheek approach than other top 10 lists. When it comes to a Ram truck, CDJR puts a smile on the faces of our customers, because a Ram truck is no joke. For our loyal customers in the greater Nashville area, including outlying communities such as Columbia, we present to you our top 10 reasons to buy a Ram truck.

1. Rugged Durability

Like the battering horns attached to a ram, the Ram truck can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment. Dodge manufactures Ram trucks with high-grade materials to withstand the most rugged terrain. The incomparable durability of the Ram truck makes it a favorite of our CDJR Columbia customers who enjoy frequently travelling from the rat race of downtown Nashville to the pristine serenity of Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

2. Packs a Punch

Ram truck owners who spend a lot of time hauling heavy machinery or natural resources praise the truck for providing powerful bursts of speed on level roadways, as well as on steep inclines. Dodge builds high horsepower and torque engines for the entire line of Ram trucks. The engines provide our CDJR Columbia customers with enduring power in the worst weather elements.

3. Fuel Efficiency

It is rare to link powerful performance and fuel efficiency in the same sentence, but Ram trucks provide above average fuel economy. Ram engineers have developed a carburetor for the Ram truck that creates the optimal blending of fuel and air to get the most out of gasoline. Although most truck buyers do not place a premium on fuel efficency, the fuel-efficient Ram truck often becomes the dealmaker for our Nashville customers.

4. Balance

After a bitterly cold winter, the streets within the greater Nashville area tend to form cracks and potholes. Dodge has created a suspension system on the Ram truck that weathers the deepest cracks and widest pothole. You can expect not to notice any sway in your Ram truck, as it navigates over undulating urban roads and over bumpy rural terrain.

5. Towing the Line

The high capacity tow capability of the Ram truck makes it one of the best towing vehicles of its class. You can tow everything from tractors to a trailer full of lumber hundreds of miles, without noticing any effect on the truck’s performance. Dodge secures the hitch to withstand sudden turns and frequent stops. Many Ram truck owners use their trucks for both personal and business hauling.

6. Trim Flexibility

CDJR Columbia does not back its loyal customers into a corner and demand that they accept only one type of Ram truck trim. Dodge offers an incredible nine different trim options that appeal to virtually everyone who walks into the CDJR Columbia showroom. Nashville customers who want to present an understated look prefer the HFE trim, while ranchers pick out the Ram truck Big Horn trim.

7. You Cannot Put a Price on Value

Whoever said you could not put a price on value must have missed the line of Ram trucks. Starting with generous rebates, Dodge provides our Nashville area customers with several financial incentives to purchase a new Ram truck. Throw in a few bundled features and you have the best reason for signing on the dotted line.

8. RAM Truck Awards

All the talk in the world means nothing unless the Ram truck brings home a little hardware. As the Motor Trend 2013 Truck of the Year, the line of Ram trucks has also garnered several state truck of the year awards. Dodge has also received awards for the safety features it includes in the Ram truck.

Word of Mouth

Nothing spreads faster than positive word of mouth and with the Internet, positive customer reviews of the Ram truck spreads like wildfire. From praising the comfortable interior to the sleek, aerodynamic design, CDJR customers flock online to spread the good news about Ram trucks.

Technically Speaking

The proprietary Uconnect® Access system provides our Nashville area customers with mobile office and home entertainment features. An eight and a half inch touchscreen includes interior climate control and three dimensional terrain maps. CDJR Columbia promotes Bluetooth wireless communication, voice activated technology, and steering wheel-mounted push buttons that invariably keep you in control of the high tech Ram truck command center.

The next time you are in the market for a pickup truck in Nashville, Columbia, or Spring Hill, Tennessee and are trying to decide between the Ram 1500, GMC Sierra 1500, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ford F-150, be sure to test drive a Ram truck at our dealership and learn about the many different trim levels that will satisfy any worker, family, or enthusiast’s needs.

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